Top left: Slush Puppie

The project: When the grant recipient found out that the inventor of the Slush Puppie drinks was originally from Dayton, KY, she wanted to honor him. She purchased a Slush Puppie costume and her husband wore it while handing out water to participants in a local race. She also created a banner and, at the end of the summer, donated the costume and banner to the Dayton Heritage Museum.



Top right: Histories on the Square Events

A resident of Dayton, the grant recipient wanted to capture and share the memories and stories of other long-time Dayton residents. Several people did just that at the Stories of Dayton and Histories of Dayton events. The speakers were recorded and archived.


Second row left: “Take a Look at Dayton, KY” Video Contest

A local resident and council member used the grant to sponsor a video contest to highlight the things that make Dayton great. The videos of the two winners are here and here.



Second row right: Falmouth Aglow

This grant recipient felt that Falmouth’s vacant downtown storefronts did not create a festive holiday appearance, so he used the grant to decorate several of the windows. They were unveiled during the holiday parade (where “Clara Claus” gave tours) and stayed up until the end of the season. He also created a scavenger hunt, which led players from window to window.




Third row left: Imagine That!

A local teacher invited students to create projects to show what they imagined for their community. They then showcased the projects at a library event.

Third row right: Fowl Weather

This resident created stencils and used hydrophobic paint to make duck footprints on sidewalks that led to thought-provoking quotes. When the sidewalks were dry, the footprints and quotes are invisible. When it rains, however, the paint resists water and so the footprints and quotes can be seen. This creates a lot of enjoyment, conversation and community engagement during “fowl weather”!



Bottom left: Ewe-nique Art Hop

Pendleton County gets a lot of visitors for the annual Wool Festival, but few of them come into the town. This grant recipient created a festival around his grant project: he gave out pieces of wood with sheep painted on them. The sheep were decorated in many different ways and then displayed in storefronts on the main street in Falmouth. The Art Hop festival brought artists and other vendors together the week before the Wool Festival. Attendence was excellent and they plan to do it again every year!



Bottom row center: Special Needs Fall Picnic

This grant recipient brought together special needs kids and their families for a picnic to celebrate fall and Halloween. She wrote about it in her blog here and here.


Bottom row right: Little Libraries

The grant recipient brought together members of the community to build several “Little Libraries” that were installed throughout Pendleton County. They then had an event to fill them with books.