Products, Services & Activities

The Catalytic Fund provides the following products and services to implement revitalization plans initiated by private for-profit developers, non-profit developers, or Target Area Cities:

  • GAP LOANS AND EQUITY INVESTMENTS – A $10,000,000 revolving investment fund for financing real estate projects.
  • LAND BANKING – Selective and opportunistic land banking and programs involving acquisition of REO properties from financial institutions and partnering with quality rehabbers/developers to improve these properties and sell them to end users.
  • FINANCIAL PACKAGING – Technical assistance as needed to developers and Target Area Cities, including financial feasibility analyses of proposed development projects, preparation of financial packages needed to solicit loan quotes, sourcing for primary financing, and obtaining public resources and incentives.
  • RECRUITING QUALIFIED DEVELOPERS – For projects initiated by the Catalytic Fund or one of the Target Area Cities, the Fund markets and solicits development proposals from qualified local, regional, and national developers.
  • DEVELOPER RESOURCE GUIDE – A central database of information on available properties, development incentives (local, state, and federal), and grant opportunities.  DOWNLOAD THE DEVELOPER RESOURCE GUIDE
  • RESEARCH – Research on Target Area City demographics and housing statistics, as well as research relating to demographic trends and forecasts impacting real estate demand, real estate capital markets, and real estate product markets